“Getting Organized Can Be Life Changing !”

Have you ever thought about where in your bathroom you are going to put that  toothbrush, and that tube of toothpaste when you get them home. Well welcome to my world! I think about stuff  like this every hour of everyday. I can’t just go to a store, and buy something unless I now exactly where I am going to put it in my “Queendom !”. Yes the men have their “Kingdoms”, but let us  be honest ladies…”We Rule The Living Quarters !”. We moved out of the caves a long time ago, yet the men in our lives still want their “Man Caves”. Go figure. Go ahead, give them their 150 square feet of basement space, or better yet, buy them a portable storage unit, and stick it as far away as the property line will dictate, and let the cave dwellers…dwell.   CLICK TO CONTINUE READING…


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