Patty SherrodPatty Sherrod is the founder of Smart Organizing Solutions. Her goal in creating this company was to take the organizational and time management skills acquired over many years and use them to help her clients. By creating organized spaces and homes, Patty allows her clients to be more productive thereby bringing peace to their own lives. Pattyʼs passion for organization dates back to her childhood in New Orleans. She attended Loyola University, graduating with honors with a sociology degree. After obtaining her masters degree from Tulane University, Patty worked as a clinician counseling patients in the mental health field. In 2005, Patty moved to metro Atlanta where she began a new career in real estate- both residential sales and rental property. Here, she honed her craft of organizing with an emphasis on space management and design experience. After years of helping friends and family members create organized homes, she started her professional organizing business. Today, Patty works with clients all over the southeast. “I take a truly customized approach in working with my clients. Each project is influenced by the individualsʼ emotional, physical and financial needs to create solutions that genuinely work for them.” Pattyʼs background makes her an excellent choice for those in need of “Smart Organizing Solutions.”